MOGU PEOPLE: The most known Mogu product. ARM PILLOW To fall asleep on your arms. MIRROR: for not risking 7 years of bad luck. To fall asleep on your hand. PILLOW BOOK A soft bookcover, to read/write and to fall asleep afterwards. PILLOW HAT. To fall asleep anywhere, anytime. MOGU PRESENTATION: Polyman,a character created by Alejandro Mingarro, presented our designs to Mogu. SLIPPERS: To walk around with the Mogu feeling. SOFT FIGHT: Tools for pillow fights, team work with Rita Joao
FUNNY FUNCTIONS: This project was developed in Fabrica Design Department, for the Japanese Company 'Mogu' which has a unique touch-sensation that lies in the pairing of tiny 'Powder Beads' with a pliable, supple material covering. I thought of using the Mogu touch in functional ways and 5 of my designs were selected to be exhibited in the furniture fair of Milan in 2005. You could see more in the exhibition section. Mogu has offices in Osaka, New York and Hong Kong.